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Being a stylish spoonie

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In the world of New York City bloggers, I'm the odd one out. I didn't start a blog for fashion, food and fun, I don't know how to strike a pose and I definitely don't wear high heels. But that doesn't stop me from representing EH and learning to feel good about looking good with the best of um.

Yesterday I ventured out to ShopStyle's New York Fashion Week event SS Social House, and boy am I glad I did! 

ShopStyle is an awesome site for everything fashion, all in one place. They hosted an event for hundreds of bloggers right here in NYC to kick off the festivities of fashion week happening all throughout the city. I was super excited to be invited and I knew I had to find the perfect thing to wear — something cozy and stylish that I could walk around in for hours.

I chose a beautiful top from Karen Millen that had incredible detail and was light as a feather. I felt like I was wearing a PJ top all day and knew it fit my curves just right. I paired it with a fun soft, knit fringe skirt I bought a while back from Ann Taylor — it's super slimming and body hugging without being too snug. It sat comfortably on my waist and was just the right length for my 5'2'' height. I found a pair of sheer black pantyhose from Calvin Klein that aren't constricting and don't dig in at all — they're seriously one of the few pairs I've ever felt comfortable in. And I wore my new favorite leather sneakers from Coach! They're adorable lace-ups with fun rivets on the toe — I got so many compliments on them and can't wait to keep wearing them this spring!

I loved chatting with all the inspiring influencers at Social House, each with their own unique mission of sharing fashion, design, health tips and spreading self love. Attendees got to borrow clothes from this season's top collections, get their photos taken by an on-site photographer and glam up in the spa lounge. We were treated to delicious banana coconut smoothies, green juices and pink champagne! It was all very dreamy.

We looked through racks organized by the season's style trends, got our hair and nails done by talented stylists from The Glam App, were given beautiful monogramed leather folders from GiGi NY and had our makeup done by healthy beauty brand Credo.

My favorite part was spending time with the amazing ladies behind Enlightened by Bravery and Social Fashionista Beauty! Head on over and check out their blogs/follow them on Insta. Their content is beautiful and so inspiring, and they really are such positive mentors. We spoke all about lifting each other up as women in the business of social media and embracing our missions.

It was great to be able to represent the chronic pain community that I'm so proud to be a part of! Thanks for following along 💜

Comfy Fall Finds

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This fall, let's look good – even if we might not feel good. Luckily, fashion seems to be in our favor  this season. Drawstring drapey pants are everywhere, along with light loose tops and oversized cardigans. Get excited, leaves are about to turn, PSL's are being served and leggings are not just for your flare days. Here are some pain-free must-haves for the fall.

Cute coat
Throw it over whatever you've got on and like magic, you're well dressed and warm. It's a struggle to find something that's easy to put on/take off, and won't restrict your movement when wearing it. Unfortunately you'll never know until you try on about 100 different styles (and swear off ever shopping again) but this green zip-up from H&M is a great place to start.

Leggings to love
We all own our favorite pair of leggings. And yes, we know... leggings are not pants. BUT... what if they could be? I absolutely love these body fit leggings from Zara. They're high waisted with wide elastic banding on the hips, perfect for bad back days. They're soft and stretchy but thick enough to pass as pants.

Too tired tunic
Dreaded dress-up occasion? This tunic's got you covered (literally). Long and flowy, you can wear it with leggings or tights, or with no bottoms at all. I love the small metal detail on top that gives it a classy casual feeling without causing any harm. 

Cozy cardigan
Wish you could bring your big blanket out shopping or to a doctor's appointment? You sorta kinda can with an oversized cardigan like this one from H&M. The half sleeves are perfect for transitioning from warm to cool, and it comes in 4 patterns and costs only 14.99?! 

Perfect Portofino
The Express Portofino shirt is the shit. It's light and soft, fits just right and comes in endless colors and patterns. You'll feel like you're wearing a button-down pajama shirt, but will look like you're ready for a big meeting... or a nice dinner... or a trip to the supermarket... (seriously, it works for everything).

Check mate
Plaid shirts are a fall staple, but often these tops are stiff and itchy. I've been on the hunt for a cozy, comfortable plaid and I think this shrunken boy shirt from J.Crew is just the one.

Transitional tank
I'm super excited to say so long to summer clothes, but as the weather gets cooler, I still refuse to part from my abundant collection of sleeveless tops. I've become a purveyor of silk and cotton tanks in just about every color and pattern, because, like Michelle Obama, my arms were meant to be free! I have my eye on this adorable hashtag tank from Madewell. Pair it up with a cozy cardigan or button down when venturing outside and you're ready for anything.

Wrap it
My favorite purchase this season has been my oversized light weight scarf from RL. Wear it as a shawl, a scarf, a head wrap, a papoose for your ferret. Seriously... I do. Stuff it in your bag on your way out and know that you'll have a cute instant way to warm up.

Loose legs
Drapey drawstring pants are everywhere this season and I can't wait to grab myself a pair. My leg muscles expand and contract throughout the day, so a pair of these green drawstrings from Banana Republic would be a great fit. 

No mess dress
Sometimes I'm just too exhausted to pick out and put on multiple items of clothing. A solution to this is one great versatile dress that's comfortable and warm. Check out this Banana Republic knit contrast dress. It's loose fitting and cute as hell. It's appropriate for a work day or a night outing. Pair it with leggings or tights for that extra layer of warmth and ta-da, outfit complete.