Everything Hurts

17 lessons learned in 2017

Amanda VinciComment

01.  I identify as a spoonie, but being a spoonie is not my identity

02.  I have the same ability every other person has, even with a disability

03.  Physical fitness is achievable, even with chronic pain


05.  Don't trust first impressions

06.  Allow myself to feel sad. It's okay to not be okay

07.  Stand up for what's just. Speak up for myself and for others

08.  Always plan for some down time after periods of high activity

09.  Speak openly and without apology about my illness


11.  Don't be afraid to try new treatments and let go of old ones

12.  Think about the future but don't obsess over it

13.  Make a conscious effort to focus when foggy

14.  I am not alone in this fight

15.  Don't place limitations on myself before even attempting to do something


17.   My muscles do way more than just feel pain

18.  I love my body, it's given me so much more than its taken away