Everything Hurts

Train to fight pain!

Amanda VinciComment

The past few years of fighting chronic pain has been tough on my body in more ways than one. With little exercise, eating too many carbs and sweets and entering my late 20's, weight gain was inevitable. The more weight I began to put on, the worse I felt, and the less I moved. And the less I moved, the worse I felt. Things we're beginning to spiral out of control real fast.


I've been going to the gym about 2-3 times a week for almost a year, and haven't seen any real results. I'd go in after a physical therapy session, so I was nice and warmed up, and then hit the elliptical for 30 mins for some low impact cardio. If I felt alright afterwards I'd move over to some weight machines and then call it a day. I was wasting my time, and getting no results.

One night after another useless workout I had the urge to ask about personal training, I was fed up and afraid, but it was time to make some sort of change. That's when I spoke to Rob. Rob was everything I needed right at that moment, he was super encouraging, curious about my conditions and optimistic about what I could achieve. I was always afraid of personal training, in my mind, that was something for fit healthy people, not a girl who struggles to climb the subway steps. My mind was about to be changed.

When I first booked a few trial appointments with Rob I wrote down "fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease, arthritis and www.everythinghurts.me" on a piece of paper, and he told me he'd do his homework. I came in a few days later and he was super excited to show me everything he learned about training someone with chronic pain. We got started on a training program that would condition me to excel at my every day tasks, reduce my pain and stiffness, and help me to tone up and slim down.

Rob's been training be for over a month now and the results are real. I'm physically a different person, and the changes are dramatic on the inside and starting to break through to the outside. He's got 3-4 different routines prepped for me, and we carry them out depending on how I'm feeling and what's hurting. Rob says the key to a successful trainer is education and observation — seeing problems and trouble shooting them to find the right solution. When we work together, he's not just counting reps off to me, he's calculating — studying my position, what's bothering me, what's going to strengthen me, and give me the best work out possible for that day.

Block Training is Rob's independent training business, inspired by the Eastern Block training systems that dominated sports before the time of the Cold War. A scientist was assigned to each athlete to break down their movements, study their muscle mass and body fat and find the solution to making them the best at their sport. This is how Rob approaches each of his clients, as individuals with unique problems that need specific solutions. If you live in the NYC/Long Island area I promise you you will not find a harder working more passionate trainer than Rob. Reach out to him at @block_training / blocktraining@yahoo.com / 5164745108 and tell him Everything Hurts sent you.

I've never felt more strong and determined in my life. I was always the kid who got winded running alongside the soccer ball at 6 years old, I could never imagine myself boxing, deadlifting and throwing a medicine ball. Now here I am, beating my 15 year old sister at reps of squats. And even though I'm still far from where I want to be, I'm a long way from where I've started.