Everything Hurts

Sun Basket saves the day!

Amanda VinciComment

As spoonies, we have a lot on our plate, and that sometimes means no time to literally put healthy food on our plates.

If you're looking for easy to make meals that won't make you run around to the grocery store and are absolutely delicious, healthy and organic, then you're looking for Sun Basket.


The brilliant people at Sun Basket sent over 3 delicious meals for me to try and share with you all! The ingredients arrived in an insulated box, fresh, clearly labeled and ready to be cooked. I chose 3 vegetarian meals, but there are options for any dietary restrictions! I couldn't wait to get started on my full day of healthy meals.

First up: Mango Matcha smoothies and Fried Eggs with Spinach and Romesco. 

The Romesco sauce on fried eggs mixed with spinach is absolutely delicious, and something I've never tried before. I'll definitely be ordering this one again! All the meals come with everything you need, but this one was definitely the quickest to make. The mango matcha smoothies require you to have a blender, and absolutely opened up the world of matcha to me. So so delicious!

Next up was lunch: Beet, Orange and Quinoa Salad with Goat Cheese and Curry Vineagrette. 

I'm not typically a salad person, but just writing about this one makes my mouth water. The salad comes along with a delicious piece of naan that suggests you toast it on an open flame, which I then used as a tasty spoon for my salad. Getting extra spoons already :)

I was super full after all that, but don't worry I powered through the next delicious meal. The just an sacrifices I make for this blog.

For dinner I treated myself to Seared Summer Squash and Black Bean Tacos with Cabbage Slaw. These were unlike any tacos I've made before. They were so full of flavor, and had just the right kick to them.

These ingredients came with Queso Fresco to top the tacos off with. It's so hard for me to find Queso Fresco around here, so I was super psyched I didn't have to spend time and energy searching for some!  

All 3 of these meals came off of Sun Basket's classic menu that updates every week, offering you endless meal options that you'll never get tired of. Each meal can feed 2 people, and you could probably feed 3 with the Tacos. They also offer family menu options if you'd like to leave prep for the week or feed a group! 

Every ingredient is organic and GMO free, giving us less to worry about when thinking about being good to our bodies.  Paleo, vegetarian, gluten free and classic options are plentiful, unlike other box food services, which makes Sun Basket the favorite one I've tried so far! 

When it comes to making healthy meals, save your spoons and fill your plate with organic meals from Sun Basket