Everything Hurts

The Chronic Pain Playlist

Amanda VinciComment

It rarely happens but when it does, you're hooked — you find a song that relates to what it's like to have a chronic condition. I've started a collection of songs that speak to me about being a spoonie, and added them to a Spotify Everything Hurts playlist!


Here are some of my favs:


Am I Yoshimi? I think I'm Yoshimi. And the evil machines are totally metaphors for my pain and illnesses... it'll be tragic if those evil robots win.


My body tells me NO. But I won't quit! Cause I want more. (Definitely an anthem).


I got a crick in my neck, limp in my step, cramping in my muscles every time I take a step... HAS THERE EVER BEEN A SONG MORE DESCRIPTIVE OF MY PAIN???? Show me love ❤️


Title says it all. This was the first song I heard when I was a young teen that spoke to me about my conditions. Especially when doctors though the pain was all in my head, "I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell". #TBT


I'M A SURVIVOR. 'nuff said.


What songs speak to you about your illnesses? Let me know your favs and I'll add them to the EH playlist!