Everything Hurts

3 organic products to beat winter blues

Amanda VinciComment

It's easy to let your well-being get away from you in the winter. Here in New York we've had sunny 60 degree days followed by a foot of snow, causing for quite a bit of a confusion and zero desire to be productive. Good news is Last Meridian's line of organic Earth & Surf-Wise body care products bring a little bit of sunshine to even your coldest snow days.

To be honest, I've had more trouble than usual getting to bed on time. I've set a reminder for 11pm alerting me I should go to bed if I want to get a full 8 hours. Of course I go lie in my bed and scroll on my phone for over an hour and don't actually get to sleep until after 12 or 1. Using Last Meridian's Blissful Sleep Balm has really helped me set the tone for sleep and has become part of my pre-bed ritual. This essential oil packed blend has a lovely floral scent and soothes stress and anxiety in the mind and body. Try it on your temples, under your nose and on your chest right before sleep and inhale deeply. 

The other two products I've been testing out are the Sunshine Comfort Oil and the Little Forest Herbal Chest Balm. Most winters I'm a big ball of congestion. Constant post nasal drip causes me to always feel tightness in my chest and throat. I've been using Little Forest Herbal Chest Balm almost every day this month and I'm so excited to say it's awesome at helping to relieve congestion. Take a look at the list of ingredients in the photo above, and you'll see everything that quickly gets to work on healing your body.

Sunshine Comfort Oil is an amazing all-ages all-aches all-everything calming oil that has endless applications. Apply a drop on your finger tip and spread it to your dry chapped lips, blistery dry skin, irritations and bruises. LM says it can even help soothe a young child before bedtime. It's so pure and good, you'll want to spread it all over!

Last Meridian carefully hand makes all their products with love and respect for our bodies and our earth. They are free of synthetics, chemicals and fillers and are 100% natural. Shop their product line as well as their beautiful modern stitches at their online shop or on Etsy