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Soothing Summer Skin

Amanda VinciComment

Taking care of your skin this summer isn't only about lathering on the sunscreen. I'm always on the hunt for new organic apothecaries and I'm so glad Holiskin sent over 3 of their best selling blends for me to add to my collection!

Holiskin's products stand out as totally unique and easy to wear. The weather has been heating up in NY this month, and the Neroli Facial Toner has just become my new best friend. When you're feeling sweaty and oily from the humidity and sunshine, just spritz yourself with some of this refreshing mist and ta-da, you'll be feeling as good as new.

I've got bumps, bruises, burns and surgery scars from head to toe. I don't let that stop me from heading out in a swimsuit and either should you. Try out Holiskin's Intensive Repair Acne Scar Treatment for all your perfect imperfections. I like to put it on when going out in the sun, and love the way it helps my skin get a nice even tone.

Of course, my favorite product of their's is Blue Potion, their pain relief roll-on. It's a wonderful smelling blend that helps relax aching muscles and joints almost as soon as it touches your skin. Pro tip: give your bottle a few minutes of sunshine and roll it on when it's nice and warm. It also makes a great massage oil!


Take a look at all of Holiskin's Naturals on their Etsy site and be sure to take advantage of their summer sale with promo code SUMMERSALE at check out.