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Take control of your headaches

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Suffering with a bad headache can feel like your brain itself is under attack. But did you know that the brain doesn't actually have pain receptors? It's all coming from outside factors — stress, light, dehydration, caffeine, strained muscles, etc. 

Did you know that there are primary and secondary headaches? Secondary Headaches may be just what we're experiencing because of our chronic pain. They are headaches caused by other conditions in the body, especially neurological disorders.

Sadly, professionals know very little about the causes of headaches. But us spoonies know that we get them pretty often, probably because they are triggered by our chronic conditions. Good news is, there are tons of ways to help rid you of your brain pain, and new ones are being discovered every day.

OTC Meds
We all know that over the counter medications can give us a little relief here and there, and it certainly doesn't hurt to pop some Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen here and there, but taking them too often can actually set us back in our fight against headaches. There are such things called "rebound headaches" that come from stopping OTC meds once your body gets used to you taking them regularly.


Essential Oils
Essential oils are worth a try on just about any kind of pain, especially a headache. Lately I've been testing out a variety of different headache blends and have found some that I like more than others. Each one has their own combination of essential oils and ingredients that have healing properties. This particular blend that Viride Raw sent over is especially great for tension headaches and overly sensitive migraines. Relief roll-on's main ingredients are peppermint and basil. The peppermint acts as an anti-inflammatory and actually helps reduce the nausea we often experience when our heads are throbbing. Peppermint causes the oils to feel cool as they are applied to the skin, giving you a feeling of relief right from the get go.

Did you know that basil acts as a muscle relaxant? Now that is something I found super surprising... it usually just acts as a delicious ingredient in my pasta sauce 😋. But in all seriousness, this little garden grown wonder is actually really helpful in relieving pain, especially head pain. Tension headaches are no match against this powerful roller. Be sure to inhale it deeply before and after rolling it on — It's aromatherapeutic powers enter into your nose, going right to your brain's limbic system, having a powerful effect on your mood, tension and state of mind. Sponsored.

Vitamin rich foods can actually work to fight your headaches just as well as medication. Vitamin B has been linked to preventing migraines, so your mom was definitely on to something – eat your spinach! Potassium also have super powers when it comes to treating headaches, which we're often missing when we are dehydrated. Baked potatoes actually contain more potassium than bananas. Who knew? Check out other headache fighting foods here!

A simple DIY scalp massage feels amazing when your head is throbbing. For me, rubbing my own neck or having someone else do it for me really helps to easy my head pain. When I get headaches they often shoot up from the base of my head, indicating that they're stemming from tense muscles. Researchers have found that massaging the optic nerve at the base of the skull reduces migraine pain, and even reflexology is now being considered a precise way to treat this pain.

I recently read that visualizing a specific shape and imagining it and it's color is a great way to get your mind off the pain of a headache. I've tried this the last couple of times I had one and I'm not really convinced it helped, but I'm going to keep on trying this unusual method just in case it's for real. Actual meditation is really a great way to prevent and relieve headaches, but can be very difficult when dealing with excruciating pain. Try practicing when you're not in pain, so it can be easier to implement the technique when a headache does strike.

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