Everything Hurts

Gifts that get young women with breast cancer

Amanda VinciComment

I come from a family of women who have fought breast cancer. One of the few memories I have of my great-grandmother is of her cooking sauce in the kitchen with a house dress on. She leaned over to stir the pot and I caught a glimpse of her chest, one breast missing. I was only five or six years old, and didn't give it much thought, not until my mother faced a mastectomy of her own 10 years later.

My mom was lucky to be treated at one of the best cancer hospitals in the US — Memorial Sloan Kettering. Even though the time we spent there as a family was a difficult one, I have mostly good feelings surrounding that place. They really know how to care for their patients, and not just medically but emotionally. A lady would visit my mom to do her makeup and give her a care bag with cosmetics. There were games to play, movies to watch, crafts to make and books to read. They treated patients like people, which makes all the difference during such an emotional and trying time.

ReThink Breast Cancer just released a new line of products just for young women battling breast cancer. Give-A-Care's amazing array of gifts say what you can't find the words to when someone you love gets breast cancer. They're beautifully designed, thoughtful and way more useful than another bouquet of flowers.

As an art director, I'm in love with the design and brilliant copy. As a family member of those who have fought breast cancer, I'm inspired to see such great ideas come to life. Take a look at Give-A-Care and buy something for someone you know who's battling breast cancer, or donate to ReThink's efforts to provide education, advocacy, community and resources for young women worldwide.