Everything Hurts

Workplace Survival Guide

Amanda VinciComment

Work can be stressful for anyone, let alone someone dealing with the discomforts of chronic pain. Luckily my job allows me to work from home when I have a flare. When I'm able to shake off my morning pains and bear the commute on the E train, heading into the office feels good — but not without a little help from these 8 workplace must-haves.

1.  When I get into work in the morning, the first thing I do is slip off my shoes and place my feet on the fluffy white bath mat beneath my desk. Am I a crazy old lady? Maybe. But trust me on this, it will change the way you feel when reading inter-office emails. 

2. Right next to my bath mat, and sometimes underneath it, I keep this foldable stool I purchased at Home Goods. I switch positions a lot while working, and it's a relief to be able to kick my feet up. I've seen this kind of step stool everywhere lately, in all sorts of fun colors and patterns. It's lightweight and folds flat, making it easy to travel with. Bonus: the rubber grip bubbles on the stool's top offers a nice foot massage.

3. All pill containers are designed for my grandmothers. All except for this one by Sabi. Small and sleek, this  dispenser has 3 compartments that slip out from its holder. The stigma of traveling with a pillbox is gone, now that taking daily meds is discreet and accessible. Check out all the beautifully designed products Sabi has to offer.

4. I'm always alternating between switching on my desk fan or blasting the revolving space heater beside my chair. Having the ability to edit the temperature based upon my body's needs has really helped me to be more productive. I'd love to invest in this Dyson Hot + Cool.

5. Warm soothing relief is only one walk to the microwave away. Be sure to keep a heating pad or pillow at your desk, just like this cute plaid one. Have a freezer? It doubles a cooling pad too.

6. While taking an Instagram break at work yesterday, I stumbled upon these neat little wrist rollers. Small and made from different weights of foam, Rist Roller makes it easy to massage away any arm & wrist pain right at your desk. I ordered one immediately. Can't wait to try it!

7. I'm an Art Director, essentially... a graphic designer. I do way more clicking and dragging than I do typing, and I found that using a track pad over using a mouse helps reduce the amount of pain I have in my wrist and fingers. For anyone with a Mac desktop, the Apple Magic Trackpad is a no brainer.

8. Supposedly, sitting is the new smoking. For spoonies, sitting has always been complicated. I've requested an ergonomic chair at every company I've worked at and most are already equipped with this one, famously designed by Herman Miller. If they're not, getting a simple doctor's note can help you make your case for comfort.