Everything Hurts

Flare up... fun?

Amanda Vinci1 Comment

Pain is hijacking your body and you have no idea how long you're going to be held hostage. Will it be a day or two? A week? A month? And beside trying to feel better, how do you keep busy?

I asked this question on the @everythinghurts.me Instagram and got some great responses. Here are a few ways fellow spoonies and myself keep our minds off the pain during a flare.

Read a good book. Clean up the place. Spend time with a pet. Create something. Binge on Netflix. Get your gamer on. Meditation or yoga. Throw a record on. Journal your feelings. Bake something sweet. Learn magic tricks. Take a bubble bath. Talk to people you've lost touch with. Online shop. At home spa day. Catch up on world news. Write poetry. Get some sleep!

I find that the more I distract myself from the pain, the quicker the flare. Now, that's not medically accurate by any means – but when I'm not obsessing over how shitty I feel, I allow my body to do what it can to return to normal. We all have ways to do what we can despite our limitations. What's your favorite kind of flare up fun?