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Vitamin B12

Amanda VinciComment

Low energy is a common concern amongst everyone suffering with chronic pain. Whether you're battling Lupus, Fibro, or Chron's — we all feel absolutely exhausted. Wouldn't it be nice to get that extra boost to get you going? Vitamin B12 shots are often prescribed to spoonies, or anyone with low energy or a B12 deficiency. In fact, 40% of Americans are believed to be B12 deficient.

I've been giving myself a B12 shot from home once a month. If you're squeamish about needles, your doctor can administer it during your visit. I usually plan the shot around a time that I know I will be going out or working more than usual. Today, I did it before leaving for a weekend getaway. I started to feel the effects almost immediately. I'm more lively and eager to put aside what's hurting. The energy boost doesn't last long, but it is worth the pin prick.

The process is easy, I fill the intramuscular syringe by piercing the rubber top of the vial. I then pull the top of the syringe up and check that all the pink liquid has left the bottle and is in the shaft of the syringe. I prefer to take the shot in my outer thigh, it hurts less than my upper arm, which is where doctors often administer the shot. Make sure to clean the area with a alcohol prep pad before pushing the needle in and pressing the top down. 

Think you're B12 deficient? Ask your doc about it. Signs of low B12 are fatigue, weakness, sore tongue, mood change, memory loss, etc. Taking B12 rarely results in any side effects. Having an excess of B12 in your body won't result in toxicity, like other vitamins can. So give it a shot (pun intended) it may help, and it certainly won't hurt.