Everything Hurts

Pain Free Summer Shoes

Amanda VinciComment

Just because everything hurts, doesn't mean you can't rock some cute kicks.
Here are my top 6 pain free picks for this summer.

1. These classic Nike Air Max's are the ultimate in retro cool, and the most comfortable sneakers you can buy. They're supportive around the foot and ankle, and the raised heel gives you a nice lift, taking some pressure off of the spine. I wore these for months after foot surgery – they were the only thing I could walk in. Air Max's come in every color combination imaginable, and since they're Nike's you can customize them to your liking. 

2. BARGAIN BUY! And oh man are these sandals perfect. Refresh makes a few styles of these light-weight sling back sandals that I never want to take off. The elastic bands are soft and flexible, making it easy to wear out for the day without worrying about tightness and swelling.

3. Flip flops will never be the ideal footwear for anyone in pain, but nothing says summer like throwing on your favorite pair. If you're going to wear them, make them Havianas. They have a thick sole, and nice wide bands, which help you to feel a bit more sturdy when trekking through the sand. Bonus: all the fun prints and colors there are to choose from.

4. Frye is my go to brand for leather boots, so when I saw that they made a stylish pair of slip ons, I had to give them a try. After wearing them a few times to break them in, I decided they were worth the splurge. They're all leather, which means they're not ideal for super hot or humid weather, and not the best for long walks in the city. They remind me a lot of Tom's, but with more structure and a sturdier sole, and they slip on in 5 seconds flat. 

5. I bought these New Balance 696's right before a trip to California. I knew I'd be doing a lot of walking, and a little bit of hiking, so I wanted sneakers that weren't going to make my feet feel like they were on fire. 696's are light as a feather, with a thick but flexible soles. They're fashionable, but kind of remind me of wearing slippers outdoors. They passed my test of desert exploration, and keep looking cute at my physical therapy sessions.

6. Converse are timeless, but that doesn't mean you should wear them all the time. My therapist often reminds me that they don't qualify as sneakers, so I like to think of them as a more supportive pair of flats. Perfect for light walking or hanging out at a summer BBQ, you'll always feel on point in these all-American Chucks.