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EH Reviews: Good Common Sense

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"Treat your body like your life depends upon it" – that's Good Common Sense's motto. And how true is that? We get one body that enables us to achieve pretty amazing things, even if that body hurts us all the time. Good Common Sense was the first company I've been in contact with since I decided to start product reviews on Everything Hurts. Their stuff really caught my eye – it's all handmade with natural, good-for-you ingredients, offering a variety of products that are quite uncommon. 

The owners recommended I try to of their best-selling items for pain relief: The Quack and Ice Ice Baby. Fun names right?

The Quack is a wonderful little roll-on blend of pain relieving essential oils. When you roll it on it gives you a nice cooling sensation, accompanied by a relaxing aroma. After letting it settle for a few minutes, you can feel it's soothing ingredients getting to work. The Quack is great to roll on all your sore spots, even on your head and neck for headaches or on your face for sinus pain. You can even rub it on bug bites or cracked lips. It's scent is so soothing too, don't be afraid to straight-up inhale it for an extra boost of relaxation. The Quack is all it's cracked up to be.

Ice Ice Baby is a massage bar that's packed with DoTerra essential oils, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, vitamin e, and topped off with Adzuki beans for an awesome deep rub. I've tried a similar bar from a certain big brand bath product store and wasn't nearly as impressed as I was with Ice Ice Baby. It's cube-like shape means it won't break apart in your hand, and it contains so many essential oils (50 drops!) that it's benefits are much much greater than the store brand bar. You rub the bar directly onto your skin, and your body heat allows it to heat up and rub on smoothly. You'll feel a wonderful tingling sensation and comforting pain relief almost immediately when using it – it also comes in a cute little tin for safe keeping!

If you're interested in trying both of these great products from Good Common Sense, they sell them as a set for one great price! These two would definitely make an awesome holiday gift for a fellow spoonie. Be sure to check out all of GCS's awesome products – they offer bath bombs, facial cleaners, sugar scrubs, lip balms and so much more. Plus, GCS created a special promo code just for EH readers - enter OUCH5 at checkout for $5 off an order of $25! 

Good Common Sense's Etsy Shop & Facebook Page

Hope you're enjoying these EH Sunday Reviews, let me know if you've tried any of the products I've posted about and if you've loved them as much as I have. I'm really happy to let other spoonies know what's out there that can bring us even a little bit of relief. Here's to a painless holiday season!


Discloser: remember these are alternative healing methods and are not FDA approved or guaranteed. However the oils individually have research backing the properties for health benefits. Our products also do not advise to stop prescription medication and anyone using should always consult a doctor if they are using prescription medication prior to adding essential oils into their regimen.