Everything Hurts


I don't know how it happened...

I woke up one morning and everything hurt. Every. Thing.  Head, and shoulders, knees and toes (and back and ass and calves and arms and ankles and neck and...) well, you get it. I was 15. It felt like I was hit by the car I wanted for my 16th birthday, and like some sick version of Groundhog's Day, that car hit me night after night. 

Having an invisible illness sucks. But this isn't about that (okay, okay, sometimes it is.) This is about living in spite of chronic pain. One girl's guide to embracing the pain—not letting your condition define who you are. 

It's been 13 years since I was diagnosed. In those 13 years I've learned how to coexist with the condition, just like the corny bumper sticker suggests. Fibro and I share the same body, fighting for control. I tend to think of it as my conjoined twin, a crazy sister I can't seem to get off my back. Throughout this frightening adventure I've become a collector of tips and tricks for feeling better. Some work, most are worth a try. If there's one thing I learned it's that everybody's pain is different, and that your own condition can change month to month or even day to day. It's the little things we do that help us live as comfortably as possible, and sometimes even forget about the pain. 

Everything Hurts is not only my personal story but a place for sharing your own. Let's wear our spoonie badge of honor, pull on our compression socks and kick fear's ass.