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EH Reviews: Sock Style

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If there's one thing I've noticed in the online spoonie community, it's that spoonies have some great socks. And of course we do, they're a great way to express ourselves and be cozy and comfortable doing so. I'm a sucker for socks – fun patterns, silly sayings, chunky knits – I even collect a pair from wherever I go on vacation.

But socks could do more for you than just look cute and keep your feet warm. Because of my fibro, my calves tend to cause me a lot of pain.The muscles in my calves tighten, making the pain sharp and throbbing, especially during a flare. I purchased a pair of "old people's" compression socks at an airport newsstand. They were nothing special... but I was on my way to a 6 hour flight, and my legs were already pulsing with pain. They were worth the try.

Since then, I've used my bleak, unsexy compression socks to help me get the blood flowing on bad leg days. They help quite a bit, but gosh... do they have to look so unflattering?


I was on the hunt for some cute compression socks I could rock without feeling like Grandma Moses. That's when I came across these bright colored beauties from Samson Hosiery. They remind me of the basketball socks all the cool kids are wearing, but they provide the same relief I felt with the "medical" pair. These unique socks come in an endless variety of colors, and provide compression gradually to help increase circulation. 

Samson Hosiery sent me 3 of their fun pair to try, the blue and pink were definitely my favorites, and fit the same as the purple. I have wide calves and size 8 feet, and they were just right. The 3rd pair was a slightly different neon green pair with great traction on the bottom of the feet, but a bit too long on my legs – I'm only 5'2".

Samson also carries compression sleeves, providing calf support without the foot being covered – perfect for under your pant leg when you're wearing flats or sandals. Their socks are all one size, unisex, and are performance socks... but if your performance consists of getting out of bed each day, these are perfect for you.


Here are some stats about the socks:
15-20 mmHg* (medium support compression)

  • Help prevent and relieve minor to moderate varicose and spider veins.
  • Relieve tired, aching legs, and minor swelling of feet, ankles and legs.
  • Help prevent varicose and spider veins during pregnancy.
  • Help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Used in post-sclerotherapy treatment to prevent the reappearance of veins.
  • Ideal compression level for those traveling long distances.

When I first wake up, I'm a little shaky when stepping out of bed. Pulling these socks on in the morning makes me feel like Ariel in the Little Mermaid when she discovers her new legs. They help me to feel stable, giving me a little boost in getting the day going. 

Check out all of Samson Hosiery's amazing compression socks, as well as their fun and unique regular socks over on their Etsy shop. Got to tell you... I've got my eye on their laser cat socks :-P


EH Reviews: Treat Your Mind + Body

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1st rule of Chronic Pain Club: take care of yourself. Soothing your pain is both a physical and mental process. It's so very important to include self care and relaxation into your daily routine, which is easy to remember to do when you've got help from these products by Miss Violet Lace.

Miss Violet Lace PINK SEA Detoxifying Bathing Salts

Miss Violet Lace PINK SEA Detoxifying Bathing Salts

Miss Violet Lace hand-makes an amazing assortment of natural beauty products. The ladies behind the brand are both Fibromyalgia fighters, and know just how important relaxation is in managing pain. Many of their products are designed to offer an olfactory sensory experience, helping to quiet the mind.

MVL shared three of their lovely botanical blended items with EH, hand picked to best serve someone suffering with chronic pain. And when the packaged arrived at my doorstep, I could smell it's wonderful aroma in the air before I even bent down to pick it up. Seriously, no lie.

Miss Violet Lace DREAMER Mist and CALM Mood Tincture

Miss Violet Lace DREAMER Mist and CALM Mood Tincture

Each Miss Violet Lace item I received smells and feels incredible, and has beautiful, thoughtfully designed packaging to boot.

PINK SEA Bathing Salts – Now, I have like, 10 different kinds of bath salts in my closet... but these are something else. A little bit goes a long way during your hot soak. The detoxifying properties help draw out excess oils, leaving your skin feeling clean and smooth. The bathing salts have over twenty essential minerals that treat, detoxify and cleanse the body. That's a whole lot packed into a little salt. And not this isn't just any salt, this salt comes from the Dead Sea, widely known for it's healing properties.
CALM Mood Tincture & Perfume – The other night I was uncomfortably the fourth person in the backseat of my car that barely fits three. As my friends and I got cozier than we usually care to, everyone started to comment on how good I smelled. Damn right I smelled good. Before I left the house I dabbed on this tincture, which is now my new favorite perfume. Even after seeing a movie, eating dinner and going for drinks, the smell of Calm still stuck around, helping me to feel at ease throughout a pretty busy night out. What I really love to do is dab it on my neck right before getting into bed... the smell is so soothing when trying to fall asleep, it really eases your mind and helps you forget about what's currently hurting.
DREAMER Mist – Another new pre-bed ritual for me has become spraying this Dreamer Mist on my pillow, face and chest. The combination of organic vanilla cream, jasmine, and rose extracts with rosewood and patchouli essential oils act as a natural antidepressant, and encourage sleep. The change in weather and old NY heaters tends to dry out my skin, and this mist also helps to refresh and nourish.

On their own, these products are powerful, but when combining all three before heading to bed – let me tell you... I have never felt more relaxed when hitting the hay. Be sure to browse through all of the wonderful items Miss Violet Lace offers on their Etsy shop, there are so many more that I would love to try. Go on and support some fellow spoonies and get some for yourself, I promise, you'll be hooked.

Coupon Code: Enter EH10PERC for 10% off your entire order (exp. 1.31.16)
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